Deep Domain Expertise
  • Construction management, Engineering & Design, Manufacturing, Behavioral science & IT capabilities come together to create Tenr’s solution.

  • This shows up in highly domain specific solutions that are not 'one size fits all'

Diverse Tech Expertise
  • Proven expertise across MS & Open source platforms provides flexibility for customers to choose
  • A solutions - approach to designing products ensures that customization remains scalable

Partnership in Project Management
  • Tenr believes in transparency in communication from contracting through to project planning and execution – no surprises
  • A strong review and governance framework ensures that what is promised gets delivered

Agility in Action
  • Being adaptive to changing requirements and structured change management keeps projects agile and focused
  • Proactive risk mitigation approaches create an early warning system for flagging project risks that may need attention

Disruptive Innovation
  • Tenr's solutions are build to deliver analytics that provides answers or opens up opportunities for deeper inquiry
  • Overlay of AR/VR capabilities bring the benefits of tomorrow’s technology to address today’s business challenges
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