CIM (Construction Information Management)

The EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) Industry is witnessing a major disruption in response to the recurrent challenges it has faced over the years. Typical EPC challenges like schedule, budget and cost overruns, change management, real-time visibility of field troubles, subcontractor management, procurement integration, etc heavily demand integration of software technology to mitigate the risks arising from a dynamic project environment. While technology has made significant advancements to support the industry, it is often plagued by limitations arising from lack of domain knowledge – creating solutions that don’t fully meet the needs of EPC contractors.

Tenr’s Construction Information Management system (CIM) compliments the execution of EPC projects by providing a comprehensive single platform that integrates all of the data, processes and outcomes from detail design through to procurement and construction.

CIM has highly intuitive interfaces, with user-specific content ensuring that the right information reaches the right people, at the right time. Integrating detailed design data generated during Engineering Phase and Purchase and Shipping data from Procurement phase; CIM enables the efficient utilization of the data and collaboration while maintaining superior continuity and trackability between each phase.

CIM offers various subsystems that manages; Piping Line Index, Line Designation Tables, Isometric Management, MTO simulation for construction workfront, Piping MTO control at construction sites, Design Change Management at construction sites, Warehousing & Inventory Management, Welding Control and Welding inspection management, construction work status and progress management in order to be able to grasp and evaluate complicated construction situations.


Advantages of CIM

  • CIM aligns company-wide business process and approval workflows into a web platform. This brings the flexibility to introduce newer staff to projects who are new to proven methodologies applied by contractors.
  • It greatly aids to generate a data driven work culture among construction supervisory group, with the support of dashboards custom built for construction phase.
  • CIM’s cloud infrastructure integrates design and procurement centres with construction sites as a digitally connected space. Design engineers and buyers get visibility to site like never before.
  • Control your construction reworks and associated costs with real-time trend data assess by CIM.
  • CIM’s automates dashboards and data content for specific user groups in EPC projects. For example, piping design engineers piping buyers or piping construction engineers see different content relevant to them in their home pages.
  • CIM can be easily accessed on Internet and can be operated by anyone who has a basic knowledge of computers.
  • CIM opens specific content for Subcontractor’s work for example piping isometric data or daily welding data entry. And it also facilitates real-time communications directly from engineering group such as Isometric holds and hold releases.

CIM Capabilities

Modernize your identity, revolutionize your operations
  • Analyse MTO to plan construction
  • Use modern warehousing technology & collaborate with procurement team
  • Collaborate with subcontractors using internet
  • Capture inspection result directly from location of inspection
Data Insights are the new
  • Set-up dashboards for project-wide data
  • Broadcast and collaborate data insights among project team
  • Push data-driven decision making culture among lower hierarches
  • Visualize construction progress in 3D systems
Create transparent corporate project culture
  • Access status reports without asking project members
  • Promote a transparent status-issue culture across organization-wide projects
  • Back-up project data more efficiently
  • Analyse and compare trends among projects

Piping Line Index

Field Design Change Handling

MTO Simulation

Field Piping MTO Control

Subcontract Scope Control

Subcontract Payment Control

Control Bonds & Guarantees

Steel Structure Control

Welding & Welder Control

Piping Spool Control

NDE Management

Field Trouble Coordination

Local Procurement at Site

Pipe Support Control

Piping Test ePackage Handling

Instrument Progress Control

Piping Reinstatement Control

HSE Score Cards & Bulletins

Construction Administration Assistant

Material & Warehouse Control

Material Exception Handling

Interfaces for Subcontractors

Work Facilitation in Mobile

Data Roll-up & Dashboards

Product Snapshots

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