Who We Are

Tenr is a young organization offering advanced technology platforms & data solutions to:

  • Engineering contractors in oil and gas ndustry.
  • Component manufacturing & assembly lines in the manufacturing industry.
  • Mega-scale construction projects in plant and infrastructure construction industry.

Tenr has a big team of highly experienced industry specialists who generally embed in client organizations, alongside our technology platforms for transformational results. We serve global clients from our operation centre based in Bangalore, Manila and Bahrain.

We work to change Industry
Find out how?

Up to late 2000s large-scale plant project and its construction phase execution was an ordinary thing that extraordinary group of specialist group of people did.

But in the Middle East a group of young engineers working on large-scale Japanese projects saw the possibilities of how technology could aid to converge project’s design information, analyze material bottlenecks and visualize construction progress with added advantages of consolidating their communications as well as integrating their remote work functions in a single web platform.

Their determination and hard work changed the way how mega projects are executed efficiently by some engineering & construction majors!

Learning from those complex projects were taken to manufacturing industry of developing world with technology and execution specialty targeting to revolutionize the way small scale manufactures would plan and deliver to their global clients.

While we strive to enable many more in the industry our prime focus remains at innovation that has potential to revolutionize industry.

Riding the waves as a tenrian

Four tenrian E principles


Energy to cope with fast changes.

Energizing Capability

Energizing Capability to excite organization.


Edge to make tough calls and relentless care to improve that Edge of our products.

Execution Skill

To make it happen, to Deliver, not to disappoint.

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