Augmented Reality for Manufacturing


John is a Maintenance Executive working on a shop floor in a Manufacturing Factory. He goes to each machine, holds up his tablet and voila, all historical and current data related to that particular machine is now accessible at his finger-tips.

Historically, John would have to wade through hundreds of papers to know the operational/ maintenance history of any machine but now this is possible via a smart solution offered by Tenr.


Implementing augmented reality (AR) solutions on the factory floor has enabled manufacturers to have an entirely new avenue for improving the key performance indicators of manual assembly and maintenance operations. The term “augmented reality” covers a broad spectrum of software applications and hardware devices that, when combined, provide users with digital information visually overlaid onto their immediate surroundings. This is accomplished with video-see-through technology (like a tablet or smartphone), or with optical-see-through technology (such as smart glasses). Using motion and position sensors, AR devices can determine the user’s orientation in space and with that data, anchor the information it provides to a specific point in space, feature, or object.

AR is also proving to be a powerful tool for maintenance and service technicians. In a modern factory, a single asset can require dozens of maintenance procedures that involve hundreds of components and complex steps. For the most common and critical maintenance procedures it makes sense to create digital workflows.

However, the growing number and complexity of manufacturing equipment make it impractical if not impossible to capture every procedure. For those cases, companies rely on AR to supply their technicians with work order information, asset diagnostics, video recording capabilities, and remote expert assistance. This enhances productivity and safety, reduces asset downtime, and increases first-time fix rates.


Tenr gets the historical as well as the current data related to each machine via ERP solution being used by the manufacturing company.

Tenr’s AR application hosted on the cloud connects to this database.

When a user holds up his mobile device and faces the camera towards a machine, the application recognizes the particular machine and fetches the relevant data and shows it on the screen.

This way, the user can track the machine status and predict downtime without having the hassle of going through historical paper records.


After applying the AR, factories and plants can observe the increase the speed of work by 30%. And, accordingly, it will increase the production figures.

Augmented reality help to reduce the costs by preventing errors. The quality control with use of AR will give more accurate results and prevent any further expenses. 

Reduce production downtime and improve the quality with AR. Augmented reality improves not only the quality of the final product but the whole manufacture process, qualification of the employees and maintenance. 


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